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Tenant FAQ

What options do I have for paying my rent?
You can pay your rent online, by phone, or at many local retailers.

Why can’t I mail in my rent payment?
While we understand that the mail may be convenient for you, there are too many situations that can cause your mail to be delayed or lost. This can result in your account being assessed a late fee, which cannot be waived in the event of lost or late delivery of the mail. We ask for our tenants to use one of our many other convenient payment options to ensure your rent is received on time and you don’t risk any late fees!

I’ve submitted a maintenance request yesterday, why haven’t I heard back yet?
This may be because your request was flagged as a non-emergency repair. The typical timeframe for responding to a non-emergency maintenance request is between three and five business days. If you submit your request on the weekend or a holiday the timer for processing doesn’t start until the following business day. If your maintenance request involves a situation that may result in risk to life or property please call us immediately so we can assist you!

My maintenance request is an emergency, why is it considered a non-emergency?!
We understand that any repair need can definitely feel like an emergency, but we do have specific situations defined as emergency to ensure that those items are taken care of immediately. Your request would be flagged as a non-emergency in error in the following circumstances:

  • Sufficient information was not provided. (Example: The pipe burst to the hot water tank in the garage and is running non-stop.)

I’m interested in renewing, what do I do?

  • First, fill out the form located on the tenant tools section of our website.
  • Second, schedule an annual property assessment and be sure to have the property available for it to be completed in a timely manner.
  • Finally, after the assessment the manager will review and let you know if there’s going to be any changes to the rent, terms, or any repairs that need to be made as a condition of the renewal. If those terms are agreed upon we will send out the renewal paperwork.

I don’t want to renew, what do I do?

When do I need to give notice?
We ask that you always review your lease to find which of the following applies:

  • 45 days before the end of the lease.
  • Notice requirement in lease agreemen.

You must make the property available for the annual assessment, move-out inspection, and showings.
During Move-out inspection you must turn over the keys. Please note, you can get a move-out checklist for you to complete. The home must be returned in the condition it was received. You can review the move-in assessment report in the documents section of the portal, if you don’t see a copy of this report please contact us.

Is my property safe during showings that may occur during the last 30 days of a lease if I’m not renewing?
We use a SUPRA lockbox for access, which can only be accessed by authorized licensed Agent’s. You will be notified at least two hours in advance that a showing is scheduled by our showing coordination service. If you have specific scheduling that you want to make it available we will try accommodate your schedules when booking showings.