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Leasing Criteria

What we evaluate:

  1. Rental History: We are looking for 2 years of rental history minimum, but we prefer 5 years. If there is a eviction in the last 2 years, then you could be denied.
  2. Criminal: Criminal convictions will depend on the nature:
    1. We do not rent to sexual offenders or murderers.
    2. We do not typically rent to violent offenders with a repetitive history of convictions related to assault or violent crimes
    3. We will look at other crimes on a case by case to see if there has been sufficient time to show the person has rental and employment verification that demonstrate that the tenant is not going to have any issues. Drug convictions can be denied.
  3. Credit: We do not have a fixed score to rent, but we will scan the report to see the types of items and recency.
    1. If a person has a 620 or more, then there credit is considered solid.
    2. If 620 to 580, then there other criteria (rental, income) etc should be very solid
    3. If below 580, then usually there will be a adjustment of deposit
    4. If below 500, application will be automatically denied unless owner the property provides an exception.
  4. Each resident over the age of 18 must submit a separate rental application.
  5. Income: We need verifiable income that shows a history of payments. For w-2 income, we need 3 recent months of pay checks. We need 2 years tax returns for self employed individuals (independent contractors)
  6. For pets: you must go to to register all pets that will be on the property.
  7. Filled out paper application so we can have the release of information.