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Eviction Services

For even the most experienced real estate investor, the eviction process can be a difficult and painful situation.

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For even the most experienced real estate investor the eviction process can be a difficult and painful situation. It is particularly challenging when a family with children are involved, and is a major contributor why many people move from being a landlord to hiring a professional property manager. Ashoka Lion is a professional property management team that understands that evictions are a difficult, but sometimes necessary, part of investment property ownership. We take a simple and professional approach to evictions that will limit “surprises” and hard feelings.

Ashoka Lion’s eviction services are firm but compassionate. Each of the tenants who are targeted for eviction are presented a full understanding of the process and what measures they will need to take to resolve the issue. They are provided a timeline of conditions that must be fully achieved to retain tenancy. We detach our owner clients from this personal and challenging process.

Our eviction services are available to both our investor property owner clients and as a stand-alone service to new clients. While we prefer to handle the process prior to eviction becoming necessary, we are still willing to handle the situation once it becomes inevitable.

We can take care of it all for you:

  • Give notice to the tenant
  • File with the court
  • Set a court date
  • Attend the eviction hearing and present the owner’s case

You don’t have to face the difficult eviction process on your own. Have the Lion on your your side, the Ashoka Lion.