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Association FAQ

How can I reach the Board directly?
Unfortunately due to privacy laws we cannot provide contact information on any member of the community without prior written permission, but depending on your community your Board may have already provided you with their contact information or asked us to make it available to the community via the portal. Check in the documents section of the portal, if you don’t find a document there then you can meet with the Board at the next scheduled meeting or email your request to and we will forward it to the Board on your behalf.

What payment options are available online?
You can pay online via check, credit, or debit card!

What is the typical processing time for maintenance requests?
Emergency requests, such as burst pipes, are handled immediately. Other maintenance items have a variable time-frame as in many cases we are working on getting estimates on the work for the Board to review and approve.

I’m planning to sell my home, what do I need to do with the HOA?
Congratulations, selling/buying a home is always an exciting and busy project. The best course is to ensure your Agent is aware of who your management company is by providing them with our website and contact information. The Agent can then provide that information to a prospective buyer, or the title company when you are working on closing. The title company or buyer’s mortgage company will typically contact us directly to get any information that they need.

What does the HOA fee cover for my community?
Every community is unique, and so we direct all owners to review their communities governing documents. You can always find what the HOA’s responsibilities are in your governing documents, and that will then tell you what the fees go towards. If you have any questions please contact us directly!