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HOA Board Member Meeting – Tips for Taking Minutes

One of the most common mistakes a HOA Board can make occurs in their minute taking during a meeting. Trying to participate and maintain accurate notes can stretch out the meeting and be overwhelming to many!

Here are a couple tips to help improve your minute taking task:

  1. Record the meeting! There are hundreds of free apps that allow you to record right on your smart phone. Don’t have a smart phone? No problem, you can buy a voice recorder for less than $20 on! You can then transcribe the important information after the meeting or even opt for a transcription service to complete it for you.
  2. Remember your notes must be clear and detailed, but every word spoken does not have to be retained. A basic synopsis of the topic,voting, and Boards decisions are all that are needed. Here is an example: Homeowner Sally A. brought to Boards attention that her condo roof is leaking into her 3rd floor master bedroom. Board agreed to proceed with bids from roofing companies.
  3. Voting can be simple! When the Board calls a vote the minutes must reflect the motion and total votes for or against, but information on specific Board members and their votes are not required, nor are full details of contracts as copies should be retained with the minutes. Here’s an example: Motion to vote in favor of extending contract with Sunnytime Landscapers. Motion seconded. Vote passed: 3 in favor, 2 abstained.
Posted by: ashokalion on October 23, 2017