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Home Cooling Tips – Beat the Heat this Summer in Houston, Texas!

Home Cooling Tips – Beat the Heat this Summer!


SUMMER – The heat is unbearable, humidity bogs you down, your only solace is your home, but wait – your thermostat shows the temperature inside is in the upper 80’s with your AC running!? This is actually a common occurrence that can result in wasted money when an AC repair team is called out unnecessarily. ¬†Before calling out a company here are some home cooling tips that can save you wasted money and time in the heat!

Items to check inside the home

  • Check the air from a vent
    • Is it cold? Proceed to check the other items.
    • Is it hot/warm? STOP – Call an AC professional.
  • Air Filter – A clogged up air filter prevents proper airflow which can affect the temperature in your home. Be sure to change the filter regularly.
    • If your intake is near the ceiling – Replace filter ever 1-2 months
    • If your intake is near the floor – Replace filter sever 1-2 weeks
    • If you have animals it’s always a good idea to replace your filter more often, no matter where your intake is located!
  • Window Coverings – Not covering your windows during the day can significantly increase the temperature in your home. Below are some items that can lessen the solar heat in your home.
    • “Black out” curtains – Medium Cost to implement
      • Using these will require lighting to be on in the home, and bulbs can also generate heat. The impact is typically less and can be adjusted by changing your bulb to a lower wattage.
    • Solar screens – High Cost to implement
      • These will reflect solar heat and still allow light into the home, so interior lighting is not needed as often.
    • Solar window coating/film – Low-Medium Cost to implement
      • You can purchase these from a local home improvement store, and cost will vary, but results are similar to the solar screens above.
  • Weather Seal – Doors and windows without a proper seal cause the cool air to leave the home AND the hot outside air to come inside!
    • Check around your doors – faulty seals around the doors are the most common cause. Check around all your exterior doors and replace as needed.
    • Check your windows ¬†– if you feel a draft you will want to caulk around the windows. Drafts are more common in windows that have multiple panes like the image below.
    • Image result for multi panel window

Items to check outside the home

  • Is your outside fan spinning? If so, continue to the next step. IF NOT – Call an AC professional.
  • If the span is spinning it’s possible that your condenser coils are dirty and need to be cleaned.
    • TURN OFF your AC before cleaning.
    • If possible, open the top so you can more easily clean the coils.
    • BE CAREFUL – Never spray water onto the coils at high pressure, this can bend the coil fins!
    • A quick cleaning can be done by simply spraying water from your hose onto the coils, BE SURE to use a lower pressure setting on your nozzle such as “FLAT“.
    • Any other type of cleaning should be done by a professional to ensure the fins, unit, etc. are not damaged.
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