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Real Estate Agent Affiliate Program

Many real estate agents are sole practitioners and run their own business. When a Realtor partners with Ashoka Lion Property Management, he/she can present themselves to investors as a multi-tier operation with extensive knowledge on property management and optimizing profitability on investment properties.

Investors are sophisticated individuals with business acumen. They will immediately see the value of working with an agent partnered with a successful property management company.

Ashoka Lion will handle the investor’s entire property management process through finding and screening tenants for their leasing needs AND after that is done, will collect rent, maintain the property to the highest standards and deliver an overall service guaranteeing client/tenant satisfaction.

How does partnering with Ashoka Lion benefit you as an agent?

  • Investors will appreciate your entrepreneurship and unique set of skills that you bring to the table by partnering with a property management company. When you partner with Ashoka Lion, we bring to the table years of experience and knowledge in investment property management, thus increasing your brand as real estate advisor/consultant.
  • When an investor that you refer to us chooses to sell his/her property, we will alert you to that fact so you have the first opportunity to be the listing agent on that property. The same goes for if the investor wants to buy more properties.
  • We will pay you a referral fee from the leasing commission that get from the referred property.

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